Augmented & Virtual Reality

VR Equipment at PSD

EdTech Equipment Loan for Projects [REQUEST FORM]

Contact : Ron Turchyniak or Tim Foreman

Google Expeditions

Tour Creator

360 - Virtual Art Galleries

Project Team:

  • Rosemere High School: Bohdanna Bandera, Mathieu Gagnon, Melissa Chang, & Claudie Lebel
  • Pedagogical Services Dept: Ron Turchyniak & Tim Foreman

Make AR & VR in the Classroom (Block Coding!)

360 - Virtual Tour Example

Twin Oaks Elementary - R. Bennett (Ricoh Theta S & Pano2vr)


3D Objects & Virtual Objects



YouTube VR

National Geographic 360

WithIn AR & VR

Try this in the VR Headset - This is just cool!