Video Conferencing

Bring the world into your classroom with VC technology!

The events of the past few months have made us professionals at communicating via Zoom. One of the benefits of this is that Zoom is also one of the main platforms used by zoos, museums and other organizations who provide distance learning and virtual field trip opportunities.

Want to try out a virtual field trip with your class? Search through the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration's database below. We have also provided a document called "Videoconference Resources – A Starting Point" which is a list of some of the sessions SWLSB teachers have booked over the past couple of years.

For more information, or to schedule a VC session, contact Tim Foreman at ext. 1438.

Virtual Field Trips & Distance Learning Sessions

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration web site features a searchable directory featuring over 1500 videoconference sessions available from 170 content providers around the world. Many of them are paid sessions, but there are a number of free ones as well. Click here to find a session for your class.

Schools/Centres within SWLSB with VC units:

Arundel Elementary

Crestview Elementary

Grenville Elementary

Franklin Hill Elementary

Laurentian Elementary

Rawdon Elementary

Joliette High School

Laurentian Regional High School

Laval Senior Academy

Laval Junior Academy

CDC Vimont

CDC Pont-Viau

SWLSB Board Office

SWLSB Educational Services

Schools without a VC unit also have access to a portable system.

All you need is access to an internet connection and a display unit such as a smart board, projector or TV.

Video Conferencing (VC) FAQ's:

Q: What are the IP addresses of videoconference units in the school board?

A: Click here for the directory.

Q: Is there an online directory of videoconference opportunities?

A: Visit - it has an easy-to-use, searchable databases. If you need help, contact Tim Foreman at ext. 1438.

Q: Is there a sample list of videoconferences that SWLSB teachers have used in class?

A: Click here for a selection of sessions that have been bought into our classrooms during the past two years. Note that this is just a sample of what is available.