mBot is a low cost, easy-to-run robot kit for kids to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics, robotics. It is an all-in-one solution for robotics learning and designed for STEM education.


Blockly App

mBlock Blockly, renamed from the mBlock App, is a graphical programming software made by Makeblock for STEAM education. It introduces users to the world of robotic programming. Without any prior knowledge, users can start programming robots by playing through games; then they can personalize their mBots with newly-learnt programming skills. mBlock Blockly opens up new minds for children: by means of programming, mBlock Blockly introduces program solving strategies and ways to design a project. mBlock Blockly nurtures creative thinkers of the future with communications and hands-on projects.

Makeblock-Play STEM Robots

Makeblock APP is a robot control software in smart devices. Everyone can directly control Makeblock robots using official controller in the software, or creates and programs a specific controller to achieve richer robotic functionality.

Makeblock APP gives the user a way to grow. You can use the controller function to control directly, you can also drag the control to create a different multi-function console; advanced users can even programmatically through the control to achieve more complex functions.


Control your robot and learn programming by snapping graphical building blocks together.

***a mBot educational robot with bluetooth module is required for running this app!***

mBlock 5 for PC

A Coding Tool that Links the Virtual World and the Real One


mBlock 5 Web device driver

mBlock 3 for PC

The perfect combination of Scratch and Arduino code,designed for programming for kids

mBlock 5 App

A tool designed for programming for kids based on Scratch 3.0& Arduino code

Sample Projects

Here are a couple of basic programs to try out. What could you do to customize them?

Basic Motion Light & Sound

A simple code to try out the mBot.

  1. When the up arrow is pressed on the keyboard or remote, the robot will move forward for one second then stop.
  2. When the space key is pressed, the onboard LED lights will shpw green for one second.
  3. When the 1 key is pressed, the robot will play a short note.

Police Car

Turn your mBot into a Police car with flashing lights and siren.