Digital Citizenship

Online Safety

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board Policy: Information Technology

Raising Awareness about Technology Usage 

NEEDHELPNOW.CA Website initiated by the initiative of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. 

PROTECT CHILDREN.CA Resources and booklets for teachers and students per grade level. 

KIDS IN THE KNOW Online interactive safety education program. 

TEL JEUNES Bilingual 24/7 free, confidential resource for young people across Quebec. 

KIDS HELP PHONE Bilingual 24/7 free, confidential resource for young people across Canada. 


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Digital Citizenship

This website has been developed by teachers and librarians of the English education community of Quebec in collaboration with the Ministry of Education - DSCA

The Learning Toolkit currently consists of two comprehensive and well-developed evidenced-based tools:

ABRACADABRA and ePEARL developed by the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance at Concordia University.

If you require a username and password - please contact Tim Foreman

BCT Website - a collection of useful resources

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BCT (Building Community through Telecollaboration)