WordQ Desktop

New Software !

 (July 2019)

Home Installation of WordQ 5

DURING INSTALLATION use your @swlsb.ca email

Verify your email for an activation code

Click above for instruction sheet.

WordQ5 for Windows/Mac - Video Tutorials

WordQ 5 New Features !

Complete Assignments or Exams with the PDF Editor.

ThoughtQ is now built in

WordQ is designed for those who struggle with writing and for those who just want to get their ideas on the page.

WordQ uses word prediction to suggest words that the user is typing into documents and emails, helping with spelling.

It also uses high-quality Acapela text-to-speech voices to read back text that the user has entered, allowing for proofreading and editing.

WordQ comes with speech recognition which allow users to switch between speaking and typing while writing.

WordQ is available for Windows, Mac OS and Chromebooks.

WordQ is especially helpful for those who find writing to be a challenge.

Children with dyslexia, ADD or ADHD.

Students with autism, aphasia and trauma or those with limited movement. 

Open & Edit PDFs in WordQ5 for Windows & Mac

WordQ for Windows/Mac

Setup for English & French

Word Q 5 New User EN & FR.docx

Word Q  Reads Webpages

Acid Rain (ENG)

PDF files to Annotate (Practice Set)

Dictation in Windows

Quillsoft board-wide licenses

All staff and students can install these different applications.


3) New WordQ Chrome PWA (Dec 2021)
Works on all devices and can edit PDF's

These 3 Apps will be replaced by  WordQ Chrome PWA

NB: (#1) - (#7) require logon/sign-up with your @swlsb.ca account