Online Support Sessions for Your New Device

Starting on September 27th, we will be offering online support sessions for students and their parents who received or will receive an Assistive Technology Device.

During these online sessions we will look at:

  • Connecting the device to your home network

  • Connect the headset & wireless mouse

  • Demonstration of some of the Assistive Tech features

    • Laptops - Word Q

    • Chromebooks - Built-in Features

    • iPads - Built-in Features

We will also set time aside for Q & A.


All sessions will run from 6:30 - 8:00 PM.

Laptops: Mon, Sept. 27 & Thurs, Oct 14

Chromebooks: Wed, Sept. 29 & Tues, Oct. 12

iPads: Thurs, Sept. 30 & Wed, Oct. 13

Each session is repeated

Please make sure to attend the appropriate session for your device (Laptop, Chromebook or iPad).


Please use this link to join:

Ron Turchyniak & Tim Foreman

Edtech Team Pedagogical Consultants

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Session Attendance:



Assistive Technology (Students & Parents) 2021-22

Chromebook Accessibility Examples

Laptops Accessibility Examples

Quick Tip Sheets (Updated, Sept 2021)

Chromebook Tips
Laptop Tips
Chromebook Accessibility
WordQ Creating a New User 2021.pdf

Assistive Tech Tips

Mesure 30810 - Request for Assistive Technology

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