As of July 2019, we no longer have licenses of Read&Write for students.

We have a new board wide license of WordQ 5 **

A student can still use the Text-to-Speech (En/Fr) features of Read&Write for Chrome in a Google Doc or webpage.

The other icons will become inactive after the 30 day trial (See below)

If you are interested in Read&Write and want to purchase it for personal use:

Please visit the TextHelp online store:

All staff and students can install 9 different applications. **

Use your account to sign-up or install the following software:

1) WordQ 5 for Windows

2) WordQ 5 for Mac

3) WordQ CA I EDU (Elem.) for Chrome

4) WordQ CA II EDU (HS) for Chrome

5) WordQ CF pour Chrome

6) ThoughtQ EN EDU for Chrome

7) ThoughtQ FR EDU pour Chrome

8) ReaderQ EDU En for Chrome

9) ReaderQ EDU Fr pour Chrome