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Ukrainian Keyboard Layouts (Standard vs Phonetic Layout)

There are two main Ukrainian keyboard layouts: standard (ЙЦУКЕН) and phonetic (sometimes also called mnemonic/homophonic).

The standard keyboard layout is available in operating systems of desktop and mobile devices by default and is commonly used in Ukraine. However, it has a steeper learning curve for English speakers.

Windows offer a single standard layout of a Ukrainian keyboard

A phonetic keyboard layout maps the Ukrainian letters to the English qwerty keyboard, so that the letters either have the same sound or same shape. For example, Ukrainian М is very similar to English M in appearance and sound. Other letters such as Д look less similar, but this letter has the same sound as an English D and Ukrainian X is matched with English X based on their similar shape. Phonetic keyboard layout is mostly popular among Westerners learning Ukrainian.

Mac OS has two Ukrainian keyboard layouts available in the settings.

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