SMART Boards in the Classroom

SMART Support by Product

"Lumio by SMART" for collaborative learning experiences
(Can be used with and without a Smart Board)

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SMART Board 101

Presenter: Ron Turchyniak

SMART Board Help -Link

SMART Board Practice Notebooks

  1. Software SMART Board - Downloads

  2. Hardware basics for SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards – PDF

  3. Orienting (Calibrating) the SMART Board -PDF (Quick Reference-PDF)

  4. Floating Tools Toolbar -PDF

  5. Touch, Write and Save using SMART Ink – Flash

  6. Ink Aware & MS Word (Hands-on) -PDF

  7. Collecting and Sharing Content – PDF

  8. Lesson Plans/Resources (SMART Exchange) (SWLSB SMART Board Resources) -NA

SMART Board 102

Presenter: Ron Turchyniak

  1. Using SMART Exchange (In groups of 4)

  2. Find and Present a Remembrance Day Lesson to the class.

  3. Sharing a Resource

  4. E-Tools for Language Teachers

  5. Introduction to SMART Notebook Part I: Software Basics -Video (15 min)

  6. Toolbars and Tabs in SMART Notebook Software – PDF

  7. Working with SMART Notebook Gallery Collections – PDF

  8. Introduction to SMART Notebook Part II: Enhanced Skills -Video (15 min)

  9. SMART Notebook app for iPad

SMART Board 103

Sharing what we use in our classrooms: Ron Turchyniak